Has-Been Heroes Will Support HD Rumble on Switch

Has-Been Heroes is a a multiplatform indie game by Frozenbyte. We’ve known for a bit now that it was coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in March, but we now know it will feature something exclusive to the Switch version of the game – HD Rumble. How it will be used is a mystery at the moment, but these details surfaced in the description of the game on Nintendo’s official website. Here’s the full rundown:

Has-Been Heroes is a challenging game of strategy and action, where the player controls three characters across three lanes, and must learn to combine hundreds of different spells for different combo effects.

  • A combination of turn-based and RTS game mechanics featuring easy-to-learn basics that are tough to master and evolve into frantic complexity.

  • Filled with unlockables that will keep the game fresh each time including 300+ spells, 200+ items, 14 regions, and 12 heroes.

  • Each run is different, and with each level the length of gameplay increases, compounded by the peril of instant death, which forces the player to start over from the beginning.

  • The game takes advantage of many of the unique features of Nintendo Switch – from the controller’s innovative HD Rumble to the ability to seamlessly go from console to portable while never stopping the adventure.

So far the only other HD rumble game we’re aware of is 1 2 Switch, where the game is virtually built around the various ways HD rumble can work. This will be a more traditional style game using it, so the application of HD rumble will be something to pay attention too. Nintendo is the first company in some time to try some real innovation in rumble technology beyond throwing it in the triggers (hello, Microsoft), so it will be interesting to see how this feature can apply to a more traditional gaming experience.

Source: Nintendo

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