Give Us Your Nintendo Switch Presentation Predictions


On January 12th next year, Nintendo will be going all out to convince everyone why the Nintendo Switch is a system everyone should want. Be it price point, games, specs, or convenience, they will be putting their best foot forward to explain why this is the new hot item in the gaming market. One fun (and sometimes glum) thing to do heading into events like this is to come up with a bevy of predictions for the actual event itself.

Now, we ourselves won’t be doing that just yet – we’ll have an entire pre-Nintendo Switch event show going over our expectations at a later date. However, we do have the fine folks behind Kinda Funny Games already hosting this very conversation in their recent episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast. Have a listen:

In this they talk about how the idea of this presentation is extremely smart, but how the Switch may just be something that ends up doing alright, but not great in terms of lifetime sales. In specific to the actual event, they feel they are going to avoid anything negative and just throw it in as footnotes through various press releases (one fear is a very short, sub 2 hour battery life).

They mention it will probably be a smaller PlayStation 4 style reveal where there is a live audience that is picked specifically to generate excitement and cheers. They predict they will announce a $299 price point for the system and that the launch library is going to be extremely vast (getting kinda vague, no?). Most importantly, they hope that the presentation will treat the given audience like adults, addressing the potential concerns and providing enough information to make informed purchasing to decisions. To not avoid specs and to get into why or why not certain games may be coming to the system.

They also go on to state that “this is it”. They have to put everyone all out on the line at this event. They are all extremely excited about the Switch, but very worried if this doesn’t work. So they don’t want Nintendo to really hold anything back or try to play things safe and close to the vest.

Of course, these are just a few voices in the wind. We’ll have our own predictions, hopes, and wants for this event coming to you at a later date. What we really want to hear are your thoughts! What do you think will happen at the event? What do you think Nintendo needs to do or say?