Get into the Nintendo Switch Discussion with These Predictions

GameXplain uploaded a video earlier today with their musings and predictions of what to expect at Nintendo’s live presentation that is happening January 12th in Tokyo. While the event is said to be livestreamed, those at GameXplain fear that this presentation may be less for fans and more for those on the business end of marketing, which could lead to a dry event.

The problem with a dry live stream presentation that presents two months before the Switch’s launch date is that Nintendo needs the event to be lively and energetic in some ways, so that it appeals to fans, should they be watching, despite the public event taking place the day after the presentation. To buffer some of the hypothetical lackluster presentation, GameXplain suggested releasing something similar to a Nintendo Direct for the fans while Nintendo deals with press and other business prospects on the livestream.

Next, GameXplain speculated on the price, battery life, and the size of the Switch’s hard drive. Everyone agreed that they think a decent price for the Switch would be $299 USD for a basic version and $349 USD for a deluxe version, should Nintendo choose release a basic and deluxe version. However, GameXplain debates on whether or not Nintendo would do that, since it could be more likely that one version would be released, and then could potentially be upgraded hard drive-wise with a micro-SD card. As for battery life, an agreeable time limit on battery life was at least an average of four hours, though some hopeful times included five or six hours.

Finally, launch title predictions were debated. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been fairly cemented in the members of GameXplain’s mind as a nearly definite launch title. After that, Mario Kart and a port of Super Smash Brothers was suggested. Lastly, GameXplain talked about how the Virtual Console could be better used in general, as well as how it could be effectively utilized with the Switch at launch.

This is only the first part of GameXplain’s discussion on the Nintendo Switch. Keep an eye out here at Nintendo Prime for part two, and join in the discussion with Switch predictions of your own!