Mobile phones have technically had the power to run GameCube games for some time if we’re referencing pure raw performance, but since GameCube titles were not created for or optimized for any of the present day hardware, we have to settle for them running through emulation. Emulation of GameCube games and above generally requires some rather beefy hardware to make up for the lack of optimization, simply overpowering all the issues in-between. The most popular emulator for GameCube games is Dolphin.

Now, we here at Nintendo Prime do not officially support emulating, as it does require the use of illegal ROMs. However, we aren’t foolish enough to ignore that it exists, and that from it has come some of the greatest mods to Nintendo games we have ever seen, such as Project M. That being said, for the first time ever a mobile phone is technically powerful enough to not only run Dolphin, but run the GameCube games on Dolphin well enough to be decently playable. Don’t believe me? Have a look: