Game Theory Analyzes the Switch’s Possible Future

Game Theory posted a video on the possibilities that Nintendo could use the Switch for in the coming months and years. MatPat analyzes what the technology in the Joy-Con’s HD rumble feature could do with the Switch. He found a patent on a headset that is from Nintendo that resembles a VR headset and speculates that Nintendo may step into VR again in an advanced way, when combined with the HD rumble.

With VR combined with HD rumble, players would be able to feel as though they were actually experiencing a sense of touch within the game. However, MatPat takes his theory further to say that the Switch might be capable of running AR games. The Joy-Cons have a camera in them that can sense objects in the real world and can feed that data back into the game. If this is the case, Nintendo has created a versatile system that can handle VR and AR in one device.

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