First Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission Fails Tremendously

Nintendo launched the first of their new global features for Pokemon Sun and Moon only a couple weeks after the game’s release, with the first goal being to catch 100 million pokemon by December 12th. Sounds like a tough goal right? But if you look at how well Sun and Moon have been doing over the past several weeks in terms of sales, this could’ve been achieved reasonably. Unfortunately though, it failed at a measly 16.4 million yesterday. Ouch, I imagine these were not the results Nintendo had in mind for their first attempt at a global mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Nintendo has set up a rather arduous process for signing up for these global events, no doubt deterring gamers who don’t want to jump through hoops for festival coins. You can take a look at the how the sign-up process works for the global link here. However, Nintendo intends to launch the next global mission on December 27th, hopefully to much more enthusiasm from their wide player base. Honestly, I think it could have huge success if they maybe added a better incentive for success, or simply made the process of participating much easier.

Those that did participate didn’t leave empty handed, as they received 100 FC, or 200 FC if they registered with the Global Link.

Did you participate in the first Sun and Moon mission? Looking forward to more events like this? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Serebii

  • barinelg

    Looks like Nintendo/TPC will need to curb their expectations. Chances are those who were core players have already caught all they wanted to catch. Also those with bank access with previous Pokemon will likely not be catching as much, or already did so well before the start date.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    I’ve had tons of problems with Pokemon GL over the years, and this is almost not surprising. I do only unranked battles because of how annoying the system is to register and get it set to your DS. I’ve always gotten bored because I’d rather battle Pokemon. XD

  • The whole Multiplayer Town concept in Sun/Moon is misguided at best (I had to stop myself from just saying “stupid”). The goal should be to remove obstacles/loading screens for multiplayer interactions. In XY/ORAS, it was just a quick tab over on your bottom screen. Now you have to warp out to a whole new location, earn frickin points, and who knows what else. Why can’t all of that just take place in your Roto-dex or pokecenters?

  • Alan Morrison

    Given how many people with the games want competitive pokemon, maybe the next goal should be to hatch X amount of pokemon, or to obtain X amount of shinies

  • MinishDude

    I’ve just been trying to fill out my Pokédex, which is mostly evolving Pokemon at this point, so I keep ally-chaining instead of catching :/ After that, I’ll probably resume breeding for competitive Pokémon…

  • Stephen Tweek Taylor

    Didn’t even know there was one, completed everything in about 3 days and haven’t touched it since

  • wazka

    I captured just 57 pokemons during the event (at the time I was still finishing the main story, wasn’t even close to be a league champion). In my defense, I have to do other things during the day/night, so after playing pokemon 4 days straight, I gave a break for long hours in the next days.

  • Corvo Attano

    Let’s not forget the number of people who can complete their pokedex using PKHex. That includes me, and I’m not even buying the games.