Laws in Japan dictate that minors should only be able to spend a certain amount of money in a game each month. This is not only to protect the minor itself, but it also helps protect parents who may have allowed their child at some point to use their card to buy something in a game. Fire Emblem Heroes is going to adhering to these laws and only allow minors to spend 12,000 Yen per month, which equates to roughly $105 USD. Of course, personally that’s still an awful lot of money to spend in a single month on one game, but there are many stories out there where minors have charged thousands to their accounts, so this is certainly better than that.

I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing these restrictions come to the United States.  While it’s rarer these days, kids sometimes still spend way too much on these sorts of micro-transaction based games. While I don’t feel micro-transaction games are bad, I play a slew of them on my phone, kids don’t always understand addictions, patience, and the value of money.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be releasing on Android and iOS devices on February 2nd.

Source: Nintendo Everything