Fire Emblem Heroes arrives on smart devices in just a couple days. While a slew of information seems to be coming out today about the game (more on this in another post), the first thing we want to highlight is a rather excellent preview/overview by the folks over at Polygon. They were not allowed to record video of the game itself, but they were allowed to take screenshots. Thus, what they did was make a video displaying the screenshots and explaining what is going on, how everything works, and why this feels like a true Fire Emblem game.

What is quickly noticeable is that this game features a high level of polish. Maybe that isn’t too surprising to veteran fans of Nintendo, but it’s nice to see that Nintendo is taking the high road in how it approaches games on the smart device platform. The game itself looks absolutely incredible, and the micro-transactions make sense and don’t seem intrusive, though they do naturally provide an advantage.

We’ll be doing a written review for this game likely later this week, so stay tuned.