Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates 6 Month Anniversary With Various Updates

Fire Emblem Heroes just had a FEH Channel video showing their plans for Fire Emblem Heroes for the summer and their six month anniversary.

There is going to be a new Bound Hero Battle featuring Lilina and Celilia. You earn orbs when you beat them the first time at each difficulty. This will begin August 7.

For the next Grand Hero Battle, it will feature Valter. He is equipped with Curse Lance. Curse Lance is exclusive to this character. He will be available late August.

The next Tempest Trials event, Reunited At Last, will focus on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This will being August 11.

Tempest Trials will also have new features and changes. It will have continuous auto battle. Auto battle will last till you finish all maps or your team is defeated. There will be a new team management system. You will also be able to create up to ten different reserve teams. There will be new stages with foes around level 10. There will also be a new scoring method. For the first two battles each day, you will get triple the points. There is going to be a stat boost for bonus allies. They will get an extra ten point boost to HP and 4 point boost to all other stats. They will also earn double EXP and SP.

Version 1.6 update features a new arena mode, Arena Assualt. In this mode, once you clear a map, you will go straight to the next battle. This is for experienced players and to compete for the high scores. You will have to use a diffrent team for each map. Allies can only be used once. There will be special items for this mode. These items can restore HP for all your team or damage the opposing team. These are only two examples. You will have a limit of three items. Stamina and Dueling Swords are not necessary. There will be rewards for each season depending on rank. There was also a reveal of Sacred Coins but no information was reveal as to what function they serve. Arena Assault will begin on August 8.

Other updates to version  1.6 is that there will be a Catalog of Heroes which will show what heroes you have meet.  If you obtain a hero you can view their profile, replay summoning sequence, listen to their voice as much as you want and see their battle animations. This is like a Pokedex feature of this game. The max hero limit has been raised from 2000 to 3000. There are going to be improvements to the Training Tower. There will also be boosts to EXP and SP earned in the Arena.

There is 150 heroes currently in the game.

For the Summer season, there is going to be Nohrian Summer event. This event is going to feature heroes from Nohr wearing swimsuits. These heroes are Xander, Leo, Corrin and Elise. They will not using their usual weapons. This will  start July 28 at 12 a.m Pacific Time. There will also be a Voting Gauntle and this will begin August 1.

Fire Emblem Heroes is also celebrating a Six-Month anniversary during August.  If you visit the home screen during the event then you can  get 2 orbs. If you log in 10 times during the event, you can get more orbs. There will be two rounds,  the first from August 7 and August 22 and the second from August 22 to September 11. You can earn up to 40 orbs. There will be special quests and special maps. Some examples are Daily Training Tower quests, Extra Sacred Seals quests, Turn Limit Special Maps and Daily Special Maps. There will be a special Starter Support Event called a Hero Fest  which has focus rate starting at 5%. This starts August 10. There will also be a log-in bonus which you can earn a maximum of 60 orbs. Starting on August 7, the appearance rate  for 3 and 4 star heroes will be swapped. The rate for  3 stars at 36% and 4 stars will be at 58%.

For any event starting from August 7, the first summon will be free.