New Fire Emblem Switch Game Announced for 2018

The Fire Emblem Direct was going strong tonight with a flurry of information being released about the series. One of the stand-out surprises was the announcement of a mainline game making it’s way onto the Switch in 2018. The game will be the first mainline Fire Emblem game on home consoles since Radiant Dawn for the Wii. While nothing was shown about the game we at least have the confirmation¬†of a much-wanted Switch title in development.

Source: Nintendo Direct

  • Theodore Homdrom

    This was so exciting for me, even though they didn’t show anything, but just because of its implications. Nintendo recently combined its console and handheld development divisions, and it looks like, with Fire Emblem coming to the Switch (and hopefully not a dual release also on the 3DS), and Marvelous announcing Story of Seasons (a handheld series so far) coming to the Switch, this gets me incredibly excited for the possibility of a NIntendo console that really features a massive library pulling from all of their amazing IPs, including those traditionally on handheld.