Financial Times Reports that Nintendo Has Increased Switch Production to Hit 18 Million This Year

Well now, who saw this coming? According to a report by Financial Times, they are citing sources “close” to Nintendo that state the company is increasing the production of their Switch units so that they may have 18 million produced by the end of Fiscal 2017/2018 (this current fiscal year). Nintendo has publicly stated that they expect to sell 10 million Switch units this fiscal year, but with a production schedule that almost doubles that figure, it would seem Nintendo is anticipating a sell through number much greater than that.

For now we will classify this as a rumor, since we naturally cannot verify their sources on this. That being said, Nintendo’s comment on the matter is that they are sticking to their public projections, which of course is as much of a non answer as there can be, since they were asking about units produced, not units sold.

Either way, I’m sure Nintendo has already started, has been, or has at least discussed upping their Switch production to whatever their maximum capacity is, as right now they are still having a very hard time keeping units on the shelves, selling out roughly 95% to 97% of all Switch units the same day they arrive at the store (this is based on Financial Times’ numbers).

Source: Financial Times

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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