Square Enix has been confirmed as one of Nintendo’s third party partners for the Nintendo Switch and presumably has at least one if not more projects in the works for the platform. According to sources at Game Blog (a French video game news site), Final Fantasy XV will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, this is a technically a rumor, as they themselves are basing this claim on a slew of “unnamed sources”. However, what adds a bit of weight to those claims comes from an interview they recently did with Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV. Here is what he had to say about the Nintendo Switch:

“I’m very interested in this machine! As a player, but also as a developer. The Nintendo Switch that you can transform into a controller, that you can put into a dock, that you can move around with, on which you can replace elements.

It’s been a while that I’ve told myself that I would like to make games on a Nintendo machine, so if the Nintendo Switch could be that opportunity, I’ll be delighted!” – Hajime Tabata

This is exciting for multiple reasons. For starters, this could mark the potential return of Final Fantasy (the main line of games) to Nintendo platforms. It also, regardless, shows yet another major player in the AAA third party world showing excitement towards the Nintendo Switch. If Nintendo can get the price and specs just right, they may finally have a hit console with third party developers that won’t be overlooked for their latest AAA offerings.

Source: Nintendo Everything