Final Fantasy XIV Director Comments on Bringing The Game to Switch and Xbox

Following its launch back in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has attracted a high userbase, amassing over 6 million players as of July 2016. However, according to Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, there is still much more left to do. The MMORPG recently celebrated the release of its newest expansion Stormblood and is already being enjoyed by fans.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Yoshida commented on potentially bringing XIV to the Switch and Xbox One. In his own words:

Yoshida: I’ve said this on several occasions, but it hasn’t changed. We would love for as many players to be on FFXIV as possible.

Conversations have been had with Mr. Phil Spencer of Microsoft, and the upper management teams of Nintendo. But I have proposed a condition every time I speak with any platform manufacturers. It’s that the game has to have the capability of cross-platform play.

If we are able to come to some sort of agreement, a handshake so to speak, or if it does end up being that unfortunately we can’t do a handshake with Final Fantasy XIV, either way we’ll make sure to communicate with our players. But we have been tenacious—we’ve been trying to keep at it and be persistent about our conversations.

As both Nintendo and Microsoft continue to explore Cross-Platform play, the possibility of seeing Final Fantasy XIV on either platform seems more likely as time passes. Here’s hoping that Yoshida-san is able to make it a reality.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently available on PC, Mac, and PS4.

Source: Kotaku