Fighter Kirby First 4 Figure Up For Pre-order

First 4 Figures is back at it with an another amazing Nintendo piece. This time they are focusing on Kirby in his fighter form and have made a high detailed 13 inch statue to collect.  The statue comes in both a basic and exclusive version. The difference being installed LED’s that make Kirby’s attack come to life. This is the 3rd statue in their Kirby line with the first two being Sword Kirby and Meta Knight.

To purchase this you can click here and add it your kart as a pre-order. The statue’s price ranges from 249.99 to 269.99 dependent on the version you chose. You can also select from a range of payment plan options to help you pay for the piece over time. If you choose to pre-order your payment plan will begin on May 29, 2017.

Check out the video above for a additional information!

Source: First 4 Figures