Fan Releases Video Concept of Subscription Based Virtual Console Service For the Switch

TheBitBlock released a rather interesting Youtube video last month detailing an idea and design for a subscription service based off of the virtual console. The service would function like a Netflix for games where a user can easily scroll through games and select the one they want to play. The service would be as instant as loading a video and easy to switch to another. It also appears to have a rating system for the games to help players decide which games to try out or skip. The creator made a short comment about the video as quoted below.

This is a conceptual video I put together real quick to show off an idea for Nintendo Switch’s virtual console. Basically it’s a Netflix-like service where you have access to 100’s of NES and SNES games for around $10 a month.

The concept is definitely an interesting way to make Nintendo a little extra money off of older titles that more casual gamers may not buy. If Nintendo were to implement a service like this, it could possibly lead to greater sales revenue if they linked the games to a purchasable version of later games in the series. It would be a great way to expand someone’s horizons and get them introduced into new series.