Eurogamer Says Mario Sunshine, Melee, and Luigi’s Mansion Among GCN Virtual Console Games on Switch

GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch? Yes please. According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console will support GameCube games, with Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Luigi’s Mansion among the first batch of titles that will release. They claim this is according to three independent sources they have vetted.

It is unknown exactly how many platforms will be on Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console, but according to their sources there will be an upgrade program in place just like there is on current generation consoles, allowing for cheaper fees for titles you may already own. This is important as we aren’t sure if those titles can transfer directly and we also know the Wii U itself suffered from some really poor emulation of NES and SNES games.

As for what we can expect after those initial three games, it appears that Animal Crossing (from the GameCube) is currently being tested. They also claim that Nintendo is testing out the viability of allowing the current Wii U GameCube controller adapter to work with the Switch, though nothing has been finalized yet. Naturally, many gamers would be interested in playing these old classics with the original controllers.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see GameCube games come to the virtual console. What titles do you want to see from that era come back?

Source: Eurogamer

  • Giordan

    I hope for Path of Radiance cause that game is like $150 for just the disc.

    • I agree. I’m happy to play it on my Gamecube but it’s a shame there are so many people who haven’t had a chance to get it.

  • I need Zelda: FSA. It’s the only one I don’t own.

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