Eurogamer Details Out Switch’s Launch Window Lineup (Rumor)


Eurogamer has not been shy about handing out whatever information they are hearing about the Switch, most recently in regards to Pokemon Star. This time around one of their editors, Tom Phillips, spills the beans (supposedly) about what games are coming during the launch window. Nintendo typically defines the launch window as the first 90 days on the market. Here is what he has listed publicly so far:

The good news here is if you believe this stuff, Breath of the Wild‘s supposed “delay” didn’t push it out of the launch window. Naturally these are just 1st/2nd party titles and apparently there are more. For third party titles, rumor has it that Skyrim Remastered will be there day one.

  • Shit, I’m always clicking Nintendo Prime links before I can remember it’s your new site. This article is a great example of why I’m disappointed every time.

    1. Tom Phillips didn’t say anything about these being launch titles.
    2. Considering the list contains Pokémon Stars, which he reported will not be released until late next year, there’s no way you could read this as being a list of launch titles.
    3. Phillips has also reported—via an actual Eurogamer article rather than his personal Twitter account—that Breath of the Wild won’t be a launch title for Switch.

    • Launch title does not mean it’s not a launch window. Chances are MOST of these titles are not launch titles.

      • Regardless, he didn’t say anything about the “launch window” and it doesn’t take a genius to realize (based on everything else he’s already said) that this list most certainly isn’t intended to be the “launch window lineup” you’re trying to pass it as.

  • Zack Averyt

    Wait…WTF is a “Mario Rabbids RPG?” I don’t want those damned Rabbids anywhere NEAR my Mario, thank you very much!

    • It’s a crossover RPG.

      • Zack Averyt

        Yeah…I know. I just don’t want to believe it exists. I want to believe Nintendo has more taste than that.

  • Where in this tweet does he mention launch?

  • Dan0709

    lol and people actually believed it wasn’t gonna be a launch title… here i’m laughing now

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