As a huge sports fan myself, one aspect that can take a game or match to a whole new level is how into each team a fan truly is. When I went to the Milwaukee Bucks game 4 loss to the Toronto Raptors this year, the crowd was electric and despite losing, I had a grand old time. The same can be true for video games, especially when you enter the eSports arena. That being said, ARMS isn’t treating the crowd that surrounds each match inside the game as an afterthought (as so many games do). Instead, they are trying to bring some unique flavor by having each fighter have their own fans.

This is according to the official twitter account for ARMS out of Japan. The image at the top is one example, showing a fan for each of Min Min, Ribbon Girl, and Ninjara, They will also hold onto crowd favorite fan items, such as thundersticks:

Source: Nintendo Everything