EA is Putting One of Its “Bigger Games” on the Nintendo Switch


EA pledged some early support for the Nintendo Switch, but given the “unprecedented partnership” that completely fell apart before the Wii U launched there has been some understandable skeptics. At the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen talked about their support of the Switch:

“In terms of Nintendo, in their announcement they announced that we’ll be supporting with a game or two on that new platform. We haven’t yet announced what game, but you should assume that it’s one of our bigger games we’ve been involved with.”

“We’re excited for Nintendo, it’s an interesting device, but I can’t yet predict how broad it’s going to be, and will people be interested in a portable device alongside their regular portable device that they have.”

EA has a fairly large library of games, but one would hope that a “bigger game” would infer something not yet released, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda. While ports of this years biggest titles are always welcomed, not many consider ports of older games to be a big deal, as it’s day one support of the newest titles that generally drives sales. We’ll hopefully find out what game it is on January 12th.

Source: DualShockers