That didn’t take long. EA has been partnered with Nintendo in regards to the Nintendo Switch since the system was in some early development stages. However, the only title EA had actually committed to appear on the system was their upcoming FIFA game. Most of the reasons spewed out there was a bunch of marketing talk in the past, but it boiled down to the fact that EA wanted to see what sort of market, if any, the Switch had before committing more games.

They apparently are ready to take that jump now. In a recent investors call, CEO Andrew Wilson noted that they are now extremely bullish on Nintendo Switch and are excited that it is bringing a new ecosystem into the video game market. He noted in particular that they are now in serious talks about bringing more of their future games to the Nintendo Switch – an enticing prospect for Switch owners that enjoy some or much of what EA brings to the table.

Personally, I hope this is a good sign that Nintendo Switch could get the full version of the new Madden game later this year.

Source: EA