E3 2017 Will be Open to the Public

For the first time, after much clamor, E3 will be open to the public this year. In an interview with Game Spot, Rich Taylor gives some insight on why this groundbreaking event has happened for E3 this year:

The feedback we heard was clear–they wanted to play the games inside the convention center. In addition, exhibitors inside the convention center wanted to have access to the fans. So this year we’re bringing the two together – Rich Taylor

Although it is not certain whether E3 will remain open to the public, it is possible that this could be the case. E3 has 15,000 tickets that will be available for purchase on February 13th. Purchases made on the 13th will cost $150 USD, and afterward the cost rises to $250 USD. E3 2017 takes place June 13th-15th in Los Angeles.

To see the complete interview, check the source link below, and let us know if you plan to attend in the comments.

Source: Game Spot