Dorkly Presents a Compare/Contrast Comic of Digimon Vs. Pokemon


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Dorkly normally has humorous things on its pages, mostly geared toward certain fandoms in the world, like Pokemon fan art for example. In this case, a user has created a handy comic comparing and contrasting the series of Digimon to the series of Pokemon. For those who don’t know, the two series have some fans who feud over whether Digimon is better than Pokemon and vice versa.

Dorkly’s comic (seen above) attempts to answer that question once and for all. The panels begin with the lead character of Digimon saying something about the characteristics of its companion creature. The lead character of Pokemon, Ash, then responds with what his companion creatures can do. This format continues to the end of the page, ending on a somewhat cynical note for both franchises. Despite the cynicism towards the end, the creator does a good job of portraying what fans like about their respective series in a light-hearted, comedic way.

Source: Dorkly

  • Lite Knight

    Too funny!

  • marfur9

    Did this article Just call red ash????

    • Ganondorf Dragmire

      And even then, Red’s only the lead character in the Gen 1 games and their remakes/releleases (not counting Yellow)
      It’s like the writer doesnt know about the pokemon games and thinks its just an anime.

      • Vini

        That was supposed to be Red in Yellow as well, probably the canonical Red, going by the team he had in mount Silver.

        • Ganondorf Dragmire

          Ash is the lead character in Yellow.

          • Vini

            Nope, it’s actually supposed to be Red. It’s the exact same game save for the starters and a couple of extra rocket battles, it doesn’t follow the anime. ”Ash” is just one of the options, available to name him.

            And, seeing the team he has in GSC, Yellow probably shows the canonical Red. Ever since Yellow he has showend with a team that’s only available in Yellow, with an overpowered Pikachu, 3 kanto evolved starters, an Espeon (that he got as an Eevee in Yellow) and Lapras, it’s probably the canonical Red.

    • Hylian Maldiv

      Yep… Dorkly even made a separete reference to Ash in the second panel.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO


    • Phillip Stokes Problem isnt that the games arent made, problem is the majority dont make it to US soil

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        I know they’ve made some, didn’t know how many, while pokemon is always churning out new stuff.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        you’d think they’d be able to pick the good ones and not the crap ones to bring over here.

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