DigitalFoundry has taken a close look at the technicaly improvements in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe compared to the original release on Wii U and yes, even Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS for good measure. You may be wondering about the latter comparison, but it’s possible 3DS owners could be buying a Switch as their new handheld device, so it’s interesting to look at the kind of leap those gamers who may have skipped the Wii U will experience.

The full breakdown is in the video above, but here’s a rundown:

  • FPS is a solid 60fps on Switch compared to 59fps on Wii U and whatever 1 FPS skipped every 6 seconds is on the 3DS
  • Resolution increased at the top end to 1080p over 720p and 240p respectively.
  • Draw distances improved dramatically
  • Naturally, it’s a massive leap over anything the 3DS can produce.

There are a few other really technical details, so check out the video to get the full explanation behind them.