DigitalFoundry Explores the Technical Improvements in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Compared to the Wii U & 3DS Versions

DigitalFoundry has taken a close look at the technicaly improvements in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe compared to the original release on Wii U and yes, even Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS for good measure. You may be wondering about the latter comparison, but it’s possible 3DS owners could be buying a Switch as their new handheld device, so it’s interesting to look at the kind of leap those gamers who may have skipped the Wii U will experience.

The full breakdown is in the video above, but here’s a rundown:

  • FPS is a solid 60fps on Switch compared to 59fps on Wii U and whatever 1 FPS skipped every 6 seconds is on the 3DS
  • Resolution increased at the top end to 1080p over 720p and 240p respectively.
  • Draw distances improved dramatically
  • Naturally, it’s a massive leap over anything the 3DS can produce.

There are a few other really technical details, so check out the video to get the full explanation behind them.

  • JDub314

    Some people can see the difference between 1 frame per second? 59 to 60?

    • Rob

      I s’pose if it’s something of a job or regular routine to sit down and examine frame rates you MIGHT be trained to kinda notice, though I imagine a lot of people probably claim they can see it which may not exactly be the case. In most cases if you were doing something like examining the frame rates for whatever reason as a profession I can’t see why you’d manually do it rather than have a monitoring system do it for you. The whole “training to see single FPS drops” does kinda come from some logical stand point, for example, one can train their ears to hear and tell the difference between one audio frequency and another, granted, they are fairly different but I suspect they’re not entirely unrelated.

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    I s'pose if it's something of a job or regular routine to sit down and examine frame rates you MIGHT...
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