Technically, it also runs at 720p in docked mode, but that’s because that is the max resolution of the provided screen. Digital Foundry recorded 1.5 hours worth of direct feed footage of ARMS, playing through various modes and then went ahead and did their technical analysis. While they comment several times on the crispness and beauty of the game, the big takeaways is how the game itself performs.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Anytime you play the game in split screen mode docked, its resolution is 900p. Regardless of if it’s 2, 3, or 4 players splitting the screen.
  • Anytime the game isn’t played in splitscreen, it runs at 1080p.
  • The game is 60fps constant with no drops in all modes but 4 player split screen.
  • 4 player split screen runs at 30fps – not recommended. It works with no frame dips, but feels off compared to 60fps.

It sounds like there is really nothing holding ARMS back from a technical standpoint, and they went ahead and did the right thing, sacrificing resolution for frame rates when they can, though it sounds like the game may have been better eliminating 4 players on a single system, as it seems the better way to play it is two players on a system against two players on another system for that made (so it stays at 60fps). Either way, this is some good stuff!