Did Nintendo Help Us Confirm Where Breath of the Wild is on the Timeline?

To make a long story short – no, we don’t actually know where Breath of the Wild takes place on the timeline. No one does, and anyone who makes any sort of definitive claim to knowing is just as viable as people who thought the timeline was absolutely two pronged or even linear – they were all wrong, as it ended up being three pronged. The only people who have the answer for Breath of the Wild is Nintendo – the rest of us are just trying to pick up the pieces.

Above, I detail out why I believe the following quotes help support, in a small way, the idea that Breath of the Wild is a Dragon Break. The quotes below come from Hidemaro Fujibayashi, director of Breath of the Wild when Gamerant asked him where Breath of the Wild takes place on the timeline:

“It takes place in an age long, long after any of the titles released to date. It is the most recent age. And because of this we believe players will be able to easily immerse themselves in the game. Of course, regardless of the time period, the story does unfold in Hyrule so for those who’ve played other titles in the series there will be a lot of recognizable places to enjoy.”

Source: Nintendo Everything

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Chris Jagucki

    I think it takes place during a Dragon Break, and I think it now gives them freedom to do anything with a game that takes place after BotW. I really hope that there is a sequel to BotW and we start to see Hyrule become more and more technologically advanced in-game like it was 10,000 years before Link awakening in the Shrine of Resurrection. I would definitely like to see the Sheikah technology in another Zelda game.

  • David Link Góngora

    Yes but in which timeline?

  • James Barbarossa

    So it’s ten thousand years after Spirit Tracks. No secret there then.

  • Jarnunvosk

    Fun fact, if a stupid clickbaity headline asks a question, the answer is always no. Given the author… I’m not surprised.

  • Optimist

    They hinted pretty heavily at downfall timeline around the game’s release.