Cranky Kong Voice Actor, Aron Tager, Passes Away

Raise your hand if you remember the original animated series for Donkey Kong Country? I know I do, even though it’s run on cable TV was fairly short lived like most of Nintendo’s forerays into cartoon telivision back then. Unfortunately, today I bring you the news that the voice actor for Cranky Kong on that show, Aron Tager, has passed away by natural causes at the age of 84. Are you a bit fuzzy on his work on the show? Here is one of my favorite parts of the entire show to remember him by:

To be honest, Aron Tager embodied Cranky Kong pretty well voice wise as a sort of memetastically wonderful way.

He also played other roles in Hollywood such as Emcee in X-Men, with his most recent role being Harry on the show My 90 Year Old Roommate. He will be dearly missed.