Coffee Table-Sized NES Controller to be Released

Retro-Bit, a company known for producing modernised retro consoles and video game adaptors, has taken it one step further with “The Retro-Bit Mega Table” an NES controller the size of a standard low-lying coffee table. As a table, it’s fairly standard, with a nice wooden finish, but what really matters is the slightly protruding, gargantuan buttons, no different from that of a standard NES controller. All of them work as intended, with the ABXY buttons, Start, Select and the D-pad all in perfect working order. The controller attaches via USB and can be used with any MAC or PC, or emulator box, or even an original NES! Retro-Bit plans to release and fund this… creation, on Kick-starter for approximately $500.

The Verge described this controller as

Really fun to use, even if it is kinda clunky and weird and like, you’re not, gonna be very good at the games your playing

It’s quite obvious that this was never intended to emulate the true experience of playing with an NES controller, but it’s a fun novelty item to own, and will definitely win over hardcore gaming collectors. The real question now is if it’s really worth the hefty price tag Retro-Bit plans to sell it for.

To see a full short review of the Coffee Table-sized NES controller, check out this video: