CMO of Niantic Voices His Concerns with the Coming Winter Season’s Effect on Pokemon Go


Mike Quigley sat down to an interview with and discussed some of his concern with the coming winter season and how it may affect Pokemon hunters and their ability to play Pokemon Go. He also talks about some of the plans for the game’s future, even if he does not go into great detail.

Mike Quigley mentions that the coming winter season could adversely affect the players of Pokemon Go. Despite the seeming peak times of playing the game have dwindled slightly after the game’s summer release, the popular augmented reality (AR) game is still enjoyed by many players across the globe. That said, winter does hold some wariness for Michael in regards as to how Pokemon hunters will be able to continue playing the game after cold weather with its dangers sets in.

“We’ll monitor this stuff, and come this time next year, we might start to think about doing things for the likes of Germany, the UK and North America, who are going through their winter,” says Mike Quigley, the chief marketing officer at Niantic.

“A lot of people give us credit for the summer release timing, but we also saw strong pick-ups in places like Australia and Brazil, when it was winter for them. There’s a lot of seasonal dynamics we need to consider. It’s a variable that most developers don’t need to worry about. Hopefully we can learn and figure out ways to keep consumers engaged. Maybe there will be other spikes in corresponding glove and hat and coat sales.” – Mike Quigley


As for the future of Pokemon Go, Mr. Quigley hints that there are a lot of things planned for the future of the game and that Pokemon Go is not simply a passing phenomenon. While he never states exactly what Niantic has planned for the future of their hit AR release, Mike seems to be excited for what the future holds.

“But we are still locked arm-in-arm with The Pokémon Company on Pokémon Go and working together for the foreseeable future. It’s been a fantastic partnership.

“Now we have come out of the tidal wave of craziness that happened in the summer, and people look at the small things and some of the bigger things that we have launched, or will launch, hopefully that gives them confidence that we will continue to invest in Pokémon Go, and hopefully we can keep a lot of those people engaged. Some will lapse out, that’s the nature of mobile free-to-play and we’ve all seen those curves. So if that happens, it wouldn’t surprise us. But we are not really focused on that. We are focused on making it a great game, continuing to invest in it, and the consumers can decide.” – Mike Quigley

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