Check Out These New Single Player Details for Splatoon 2

The game developers of Splatoon have come onto the Treehouse Livestream to show off some of what’s different with Splatoon 2. A lot of the game mechanics have remained the same, but new elements have been incorporated to better the player experience.

Single player mode, known as Hero Mode, is  still about taking out stages, but single player mode is a good mode for learning the basics of Splatoon 2. Hero Mode allows the player to learn all about how weapons work, while their Inkling faces off against the Octarians. Splatoon 2 includes various weapons with new weapons and techniques, and players can use the environment around them, like hiding behind walls to avoid taking damage. However, if players take damage, their Inkling’s armor will disappear, but will come back over time, especially if the player hides in their ink.

As for the arsenal of weapons, the developers pointed out that after the player goes through a stage with the assigned weapon, players can later use any weapon they would like when replaying the stage. Sheldon will also loan players one of his experimental weapons. The Roller can now hit Rolloium and spray out a row of paint. The Roller now has a vertical jump attack as well. The Charger is for distance, and can pull an Inkling toward certain balloon like enemies.

Players can use Charger to take out enemies ahead of them on their route. When at max charge, the Charger’s shot will pass through enemies. the Slopper spews ink in an area and can shoot ink over shields and crates. Weapons can be powered up with Power Eggs and Sardainium. Players can test out leveled up weapons in a test area, and can unlock weapons using the same items that they use to level up weapons. Weapons can be leveled up to level two, except for one that can upgrade to 3.  

Sheldon’s gear can be upgraded as well. The Splattling gun charges and rapidly coats an area in ink and can take out a shielded enemy from the front. However, the Splatting has a bit of a learning curve. Splat Dualies are fast firing and maneuverable and are a new weapon to Splatoon 2. Dualies can create ink rails for the Inkling to ride. Playing through Hero Mode will make players better at multiplayer competions, as they will be familiar with the weapons. 

Finally, the developers showed off the boss named Octo Samurai. Octo Samurai rides a bike around a sumo arena, and players have to create ink havens for themselves. Eventually, Octo Samurai devolves into a tentacle before popping back out of its bicycle.

Splatoon 2 appears to be a fun and interactive continuation of the first game. Stay tuned to Nintendo Prime for more E3 news.

  • Brian McBehrer

    I just hope the final boss will be as fun and original as the first game!