This build a bear version of Charmander really tickles my fancy, as Charizard is my favorite Pokemon and as such, Charmander and Charmeleon are among my favorite pre-max evolution Pokemon as well. (Sorry, not a fan of Mega Charizard, folks!). This is the third Pokemon to become available in the Build a Bear workshop line and can be purchased online as well as in store (which is typically where all the fun is, given you get to watch and often “build” the stuffed animal yourself).

IGN unboxed their own Charmander they ordered from the online store and unveiled two of the costumes, one of which is online exclusive, which you can dress Charmander in. You can get the online exclusive Charmander set for $61, though it is currently sold out. That price gets you the Charmander with a sound chip, plus a Great Ball Hoodie, a Lucario Hoodie, and a Charmander Pokemon Card.

You can also get the Charmander Build a Bear in stores for $28 (no sound chip included) and it also comes with a Charmander Pokemon Card. The Master Ball hoodie will also be sold in stores for $12.50 (the Lucario set is exclusive to that online bundle).

We don’t presently know exactly when this product will ship or appear on store shelves, but it’s a nice part of anyone’s collection and one which I will certainly be purchasing for myself.