CD Projekt Red is “Proud” of How Well Witcher 3 Runs on Switch

CD Projekt Red UI Coordinator Alvin Liu opened up in an interview with VGC about The Witcher 3 on Switch and needless to say, CD Projekt Red is extremely pleased with the game and how it looks on Switch. First off, since he helped with this directly, he talks a bit about the UI:

“The biggest changes that we made involve the user interface and how you interact is a bit different on the Switch compared to other versions.”

Of course, the hot button debate about the game is well… how the heck is this running and what was cut to make it happen? Well, here is what Alvin Lui had to say:

“Right now there’s a bit less foliage and some of draw the distances are lower… but it still looks amazing. I was very impressed. Unless you pointed a lot of changes out to me I probably wouldn’t have noticed them.”

“We’re really happy with how Witcher 3 is playing on Switch. It’s still at a quality that we’re proud of”

Sounds like it’s shaping up to be something else.

Source: VGC