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Cranky Kong Voice Actor, Aron Tager, Passes Away

Raise your hand if you remember the original animated series for Donkey Kong Country? I know I do, even though it’s run on cable TV was fairly short lived like most of Nintendo’s forerays into cartoon telivision back then. Unfortunately, today I bring you the news that the voice actor for Cranky Kong on that show, Aron Tager, has passed away by natural causes at the age of 84. Are you a bit fuzzy on his work on the show? Here is one of my favorite parts of the entire show to remember him by:

To be honest, Aron Tager embodied Cranky Kong pretty well voice wise as a sort of memetastically wonderful way.

He also played other roles in Hollywood such as Emcee in X-Men, with his most recent role being Harry on the show My 90 Year Old Roommate. He will be dearly missed.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Retail Copies Have “Leaked”

Whelp, any hope some had about the entirety of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate not having everything leaked onto the internet seems thrown away. Sure, we know a ROM of Pokemon Let’s Go leaked days before release, but that’s atypical of every Pokemon game.

Weeks ahead of time like this with full retail copies? That’s new. A person on Twitter (with a since deleted tweet) threw up images of their physical copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with more mages showing it working on the Switch. The claim? This is a full retail copy from a store that possibly sold them early, even though they were likely being held for pre-stock reasons.

Pre-stocking is done on physical items prior to release weeks in advance when it may take some time (weeks) to get enough stock to said venue in time for the la...

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Rumor: Lost Continent Section in Universal Islands to be Replaced by Zelda Stuff

We’ve known for awhile that new Nintendo based attractions were arriving at Universal Studios in Florida as well as their associated theme park in Japan. While these attractions are not open yet, it appears a massive area is being taken over by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series at a completely different Universal Park.

According to Theme Park University, a well known site for leaking changes and new attractions at several theme parks the world over, has apparently got their hands this exclusive info.

Here are the changes according to them:

  • Zelda section will replace the entire Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure – will stretch from Seuss Landing all the way to Hogsmeade and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • the scope of the project changed as the strategy to compete with Disney beca...
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The Regginator Turns 57 Today!

We here at Nintendo Prime would like to wish NOA President and COO Reggie Fils-Amie the happiest of birthdays!  Reggie turns 57 today, and in honor of his birthday please enjoy the video below:

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Crazy Super Mario Odyssey Theory, Hype (Ft. HMK) | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 34 (Part 4)

HMK joins us to talk about Super Mario Odyssey, specifically a theory he has on it, as we all gush over our excitement for this game.

Below you can download the full audio only version:

Download (Right-Click, Save As) | iTunes

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SNES Classic Edition is Hacked! New Games, Scanlines, & More

Stop the presses and sound the alarms, the SNES Classic Edition has been hacked! Alright, so it’s not time to panic nor is this necessarily surprising. Nintendo has had their systems hacked for decades and while they have gotten better at preventing these things from happening on systems like the Switch (it’s been hacked, but not entirely), their throwback retro systems are extremely easy to gain access too.

The SNES Classic was hacked in a very similar fashion to the NES Classic and I dive deep into the nitty gritty details in the video above...

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We’re Playing StarDew Valley Live on Switch! (11:30am – 1:30am CST)

Watch live video from NintendoPrimeTV on
We’re livestreaming StarDew Valley on Nintendo Switch today! The stream is being done by the one and only, FiveJay from FiveJayGaming. If the stream above is causing you problems, you can also check it out our youtube channel. Our livestreams are available after the fact exclusively to our Patreon backers. Become one today!

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Nintendo announces SNES Pre-orders, Promises Significant Amount

Nintendo has announced that retailers will be taking pre-orders for the SNES  Classic later this month. They also said that there will be a “significant amount” for this calendar year.


Walmart had previously taken pre-orders for the SNES Classic but had to cancel all of them. I was one of those who pre-order was canceled, so i am hoping there is enough for everyone.

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First 4 Figures Acquires Bayonetta License, New Figure on the Way

First 4 Figures makes various high-end collectible figures relating to video games and anime. The newest acquisition to their products includes Platinum’s favorite witch, Bayonetta.  If you’re interested, then keep an eye out on First 4 Figures social media because these figures tend to sell out fast.

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Coffee Table-Sized NES Controller to be Released

Retro-Bit, a company known for producing modernised retro consoles and video game adaptors, has taken it one step further with “The Retro-Bit Mega Table” an NES controller the size of a standard low-lying coffee table. As a table, it’s fairly standard, with a nice wooden finish, but what really matters is the slightly protruding, gargantuan buttons, no different from that of a standard NES controller. All of them work as intended, with the ABXY buttons, Start, Select and the D-pad all in perfect working order. The controller attaches via USB and can be used with any MAC or PC, or emulator box, or even an original NES! Retro-Bit plans to release and fund this… creation, on Kick-starter for approximately $500.

The Verge described this controller as

Really fun to use, even if it is kinda clun...

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