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Things Have Changed at Nintendo Prime… Again

If you’re someone who has followed our website,, over the past couple of years you will know that we have been through several revisions and massive changes. Spurts of activity here and there, hiring volunteers, changing layouts, sort of abandoning the site to focus on YouTube, and then lastly this year trying to kick off a daily news recap post.

Everything is changing again, but this time it’s for good.

So, What Is Nintendo Prime Now?

Look, I’ll be honest with you – Nintendo Prime on the whole is primarily, and always will be primarily, a YouTube entity. We have a thriving YouTube page with 30,000+ subscribers and while that may pale in comparison to say, our Facebook page, we also happen to be doing the YouTube channel as an actual job...

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The Future of Nintendo Prime in 2018 and Beyond

What a year. 2017 is coming to a close and now more than any other time in Nintendo Prime history feels like a great time for reflection. Since launching this site in 2016, the goals I had for Nintendo Prime have massively shifted. Back then, I was hoping to build this site into a news and original content behemoth. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and the site is pretty barren (with an outdated layout too boot) and now most of my energy is spent working on our YouTube channel and Patreon.

To say we have turned into more of a video influencer/youtuber would be an understatement. Our Patreon has crossed the $300 threshold this year exclusively with YouTube related stretch goals and our YouTube channel has ballooned to 30,000+ subscribers...

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It’s Been Too Long…. the Nintendo Prime Official Site is Back!

Where do I start with this one? I guess let’s just hop back to the day this site vanished… August 5th, 2017. Heck, really this all started truly in full on April 30th, 2017. Nintendo Prime (as a site) has existed partially as a site and an idea dating back to February 2016, but truly things didn’t kick into full gear until April 30th. You see, that day is going to always be special to me as it was my final day as Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Informer. The final day I wrote anything for a site I practically built over the course of 8 years. Not alone, mind you, but that day will have likely no significance to anyone but me.

From that day forward, everything in my professional life became about Nintendo Prime. At the time, we had an ongoing podcast and then… this site...

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We’re Looking to Add New Members to Our Nintendo News Team!

Here at Nintendo Prime, we pride ourselves in providing quality news coverage. No, that’s not all we do. We produce original editorial and video content, review games, and so much more. But right here at the site, the backbone of what we do is news. Right now, a vast majority of the news is posted by myself. This is to be expected – I do own the site and this is my baby. I create around 98% of all content at the site. However, I am looking to change this as I hope to improve other areas of our site while keeping up with some consistent news coverage. This is where you come in!

I am looking to add a handful of enthusiastic and passionate Nintendo fans to the team to cover news...

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Enter Our Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament This Week & You Could Win $20 at Amazon

We’re running our first official week long (5 day) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament. The winner of this tournament wins a $20 gift card to Amazon, while the top scoring player on the opposite team of the winner will get a $5 Amazon gift card. So, what sort of tournament is it? Well, here’s the rundown of the tournament settings:

The timezone is based on CST. I will be live streaming the tournament and most, if not all, of my 48 races on Monday starting at 11am CST (the time the tournament starts) on YouTube and Twitch. However, you’ll see you have most of the week to get your 48 races in. The teams are Hot Chili vs. Cold Chili, so choose your team wisely.

TOURNAMENT CODE: 3686-7139-9467

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We Have Launched Our Nintendo Prime Community Forums!

What’s this, a wild forum has appeared? You betcha! While there are those out there that may say that forums are a relic of an internet age gone by, we here at Nintendo Prime see them in a very different light. You see, Nintendo Prime isn’t just one thing. Do you come to for news? That’s awesome! However, calling us a news outlet just doesn’t suffice. Maybe you check out our YouTube channel, which hosts the Nintendo Prime Podcast and has daily video content. Maybe you only check us out on Facebook, where we post a copious amount of images, community generated, fan art, cool gift ideas, and obviously some meme fodder. Heck, while small we have a pretty nice dedicated following on Twitter that maybe just sits back waiting for the next entertaining bit of information.


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Come Watch Our Weekend Live Stream of Breath of the Wild for Switch

Watch live video from NintendoPrimeTV on
While we had a couple streams yesterday, today is the long one folks. Today is the day we spend numerous hours playing Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. Nearly everything we do will be off the Great Plateau, so yes, spoilers will be aplenty as we explore this vast world. If the above twitch stream isn’t working well for you, we’re also streaming live on and Facebook (links below).

YouTube | Facebook

If you’re looking for extra help in the game (and I wouldn’t blame you), you can check out Zelda Dungeon’s Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, which is getting several updates a day every single day!

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Here’s Our Switch Launch Livestream Lineup For the Weekend!

Livestreaming… it’s a thing we’re launching at the site to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch! In fact, this weekend serves as a bit of an experiment, but one which we hope to make well worth the ride. Starting Friday morning at roughly 1:30am CST, we will be live streaming Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch across three platforms. Those platforms would be our growing YouTube channel, our Facebook page thanks to Facebook live, and on our newly acquired Twitch channel.

At some point next week (day yet to be determined), we’ll be doing another Switch related livestream featuring 1 2 Switch (because that should be fun!)...

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Nintendo Prime Now Has a Public Discord Channel – Come Chat With Us!

I know, Nintendo Switch news is flying around like crazy, but one thing I’ve always wanted to do at Nintendo Prime beyond content creation is create a community around what we do and with our shared love of Nintendo. While we will continue to foster that community here at the site, on our facebook page and twitter, and certainly over on YouTube, sometimes it’s good to have a live chat environment that is around much more often than during livestreamed events.

Enter Discord. We have now opened up our primary Discord server to all of you. Discord is a skype-like chatting service specifically tailored to gamers. It’s lightweight and works on practically every single device out there. You can download the client here, and once you do you can simply click on this link to join our server...

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We’re Looking for Volunteers to Post News, Create Editorials, and Create Video Content Based on Nintendo

No creative or influential titles here folks, because we need to get down to some brass tacks. Nintendo Prime is a labor of love. One of which is primarily ran by yours truly, with a sprinkling of help from a handful of volunteers. I am hoping we can expand our team, help you gain some serious experience, and create something truly special here at Nintendo Prime out of pure passion. If one thing is for certain, Nintendo fans are extremely passionate, and we want to turn that passion into an informative, creative, form for all the other fans out there to enjoy.

Thus we are looking for folks in a few different positions. Here are the detailed breakdown:

News Writers

These are the bread the butter of our daily work force, as in any given day we could have 20 to even 40 different stories to g...

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