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Nintendo Switch Emulator Has Released and is Open Source

Whelp, it’s happened. An open source Nintendo Switch emulator called Yuzu is now out in the wild causing some folks to cheer while also causing some widespread panic among many consumers as well. Before I get into the specifics, let’s explore the two (really 3) sides of folks excitement and concern for emulation. For one side that’s  excited, this sort of stuff combined with homebrew allows them to dump their games to their PC and play them while creating custom modifications. This could be texture packs, 4k and 60fps upgrades, or even the ability to custom make your DLC like content. It also more readily and easily makes dumping assets easier, leading to custom animations with in game models and lots of cool stuff we have seen happen over the years.

The other side excited about this i...

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Diddy Kong Finally Gets a Did You Know Gaming? Video

Diddy Kong is a character that deserves to be in the spotlight. The Did You Know Gaming? channel does impressive research as to why he wasn’t featured that often early on. Rare and Nintendo had a good product and it was sad to see their relationship go bad.  Watch the video to learn more about my favorite Kong.

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Super Mario Odyssey in Domino Form

I am still playing Super Mario Odyssey to find all the moons. I took a break and found two videos that magnificently display this game in domino form. The first video is by TheDominoKing and the second one is by DominoJojo. If you like to watch dominoes fall and create art, then watch their other videos to be amazed.

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We Battle the Wii U Zelda Tech Demo’s Armoghoma Remastered in Unreal Engine 4


Above I take on Armoghoma from the Wii U Zelda Tech Demo. How is that possible? A fan recreation in Unreal Engine 4. It’s not perfect, mind you. Some of Link’s animations could really use some work and it is possible to make Armoghoma bug out if you start spamming arrows like crazy, but the fight is fun and it just feels unbelievable that I am even having this battle after dreaming about it a ton after the reveal of the Zelda Wii U tech demo back in 2011.

You can check out the creator and download this demo for yourself here.

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Did You Know Gaming? Gives Us Tons of Unknown Facts About the Nintendo GameCube

The Did You Know Gaming? folks have also impressed me with the pure facts they can dig up that most people don’t know about. Above is another example as they dive deep into the GameCube to reveal things like the fact the GameCube was going to be called the Starcube at one point. But why? That and more is why you really need to watch the video above.

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Random: Lil Yachty and Logic Playing Mario Kart 8 While on Stage

In the middle of a performance, Lil Yachty and Logic decide that they want to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. They are also using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers for this match. I have so much admiration for these guys to actually play a game while they are performing. If you’re ever at a concert, then its okay for the band or singer to take out a Nintendo Switch and play some games. Just look at how excited the audience is to watch them play.


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Did You Know Gaming? Covers Game Boy Advance

In the latest video of the Did You Know Gaming? segment, they cover various interesting facts about the Game Boy Advance. The fact that i like the most is that Nintendo checked all the Game Boy titles to make sure they would work on the Game Boy Advance. What did you like most about this video?

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Breath of the Wild Glitch Gives Player Weapon With +65,535 Damage… Sort Of

Well, this is definitely a glitch for the ages. The image above shows a player with a weapon that has +65,535 damage. Eastonator12 took out a Lynel playing the game on Switch, but the game crashed shortly after. No data was lost and everything seemed fine, until he checked out the weapon he attained from the Lynel kill. Interestingly enough, that number is the maximum value for a 16bit unsigned integer in the world of programming. Basically, glitch or no glitch, that’s the highest possible value in that specific situation.

Here’s video evidence of him one shoting Calamity Ganon:

Of course, you may have some doubt about this and you’re right for having some...

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How to Make a Mario Odyssey Themed T-Rex Amiibo

The popularity of amiibos keeps growing with several more to be released this year. One that Nintendo hasn’t announced so far is the T-Rex from Super Mario Odyssey. GandaKris has made one and its looks outstanding beautiful.  GandaKris makes various custom amiibos and she has put out a video detailing how to make a T-Rex amiibo . In the video below, GandaKris goes step by step on how to make your own T-Rex amiibo. This would be a great addition to your amiibo collection. You can also check out her other videos for other amiibos in case you want to make your own.


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How to Make Delicious Nintendo Switch Cookies

Have you ever wanted to eat a cookie of a video game console? Well if you do, you’re in luck. In one of Nerdy Nummies video, Rosanna Pansino teams up with MatPat to make Nintendo Switch themed cookies. These cookies look delicious and actually look like an actual Nintendo Switch. Watch the video below so you can learn how to make these cookies.


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