Breath of the Wild Will Have Scaled Down Dungeons Compared to Twilight Princess

Dungeons in Twilight Princess were always extremely elaborate. It’s fair to even call them labyrinth like in terms of how they were built and all the little complexities. In Breath of the Wild, the approach is different. Rather than focusing on getting lost and trying to find your way, you will know exactly where you need to go the moment you step into a dungeon, but figuring out how to get there is going to be a big challenge. Here is how Eiji Aonuma describes it to Game Informer:

“Way back in the day, dungeons weren’t all that big. They were rather small. But around Twilight Princess, they started getting bigger. We tried to cram in a lot of surprises for the player, or a lot of emotions, meeting other characters, or injecting story elements into it. But then we kind of realized, do dungeons really need to be that big? Do we have to cram that much stuff into it? We quickly realized that a lot of the fun was actually in getting to the dungeon, and so we focused on getting to the dungeon in this game. We wanted to create an environment where it is fun to find the dungeon in this large world.”

He went on to talk about the lack of a compass:

“Dungeons have always been like mazes, so we needed that compass to let the user know where the bosses were placed. But then, as you probably saw, you can kind of see the goal right away. You won’t get lost – you just have to figure out how to get there.”

Source: Game Informer

  • hyrules

    Were they really that much shorter in Wind waker? honestly those are some of my favorite dungeons, so if they are near that length I would be happy.

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