Report: Breath of the Wild’s Ambition Pushes it Past March 2017, Difficulty Boosted in Final Game

One of E3’s most anticipated games, especially for Nintendo fans, is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  It features stunning visuals, open world gameplay, and what one can easily say (or at least I can) will be the most innovative game on the most innovative console (hopefully). Even though there hasn’t been any official news about this game since E3, Breath of the Wild has been generating quite the buzz.

All of this sounds great, especially since its set as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Or is it? That’s what many assumed, however Nintendo has never technically stated any other date but “2017”. This is where things get interesting and not in a good way. The buzz that the game has been generating is due to recent rumors from Emily Rogers that Breath of the Wild will not be ready in time for the Nintendo Switch launch in March.

She is not alone in this particular claim. Eurogamer has come forward to confirm it would miss March as well. In addition, Neal (the Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo World Report) has also come forward saying he has heard the same thing from different sources. To add even more weight to the claim it won’t be there at launch, Laura Kate Dale (former writer for Destructoid and Kotaku, currently writing for LetsPlayVideoGames) has also stated she’s heard the same thing. This massive combination of confirmations is essentially all we here at Nintendo Prime needed to believe this game is probably missing the launch of the Switch.

Emily Rogers, however, is going to be listed as our first source for this primarily due to the fact that she provided a slew of information for Breath of the Wild beyond that delay. As always, everything stated in this post is a rumor, so please take it with a massive truckload of salt (including but not limited to the pushing past march).

According to some of her sources, the game is having localization issues. Given the massive size of the game and its true open world aspect, its not hard to imagine that this could pose an issue. Currently, localization has not been finished and more than likely will not be finished until some time in December. This would make it very difficult for a release with the Switch in March. The game would still have to go through rigorous testing to work out any bugs and Nintendo wants to make sure Breath of the Wild is perfect. Its possible this could mean anywhere from four to six months worth of testing. One of Emily’s sources said this in regards to the game:

“A very ambitious game, maybe even too much”

Ambition may cost Nintendo a lot of money. With so many people excited for the new Zelda to be a launch title, one could guess how many people would have bought a Nintendo Switch on release day just to play Breath of the Wild. If the Nintendo Switch fails to impress when its released, it wont be very likely that people will buy the console just for Breath of the Wild. As painful as that thought might be, its not a long shot, we saw this happen with the Wii U. Remember, these are still only rumors.

Along with the bad rumors, there are some good. Its been stated that the difficulty of the game was scaled down for the E3 demo. This means the actual game will be more difficult and more rewarding. Another interesting rumor is that Breath of the Wild will run smoother on the Switch. We can take that as the Switch being more powerful just like Image and Form said.

Nintendo has been keeping us in suspense for a long time, all we can do is wait. As stated before, these are only rumors. It’s possible that they are testing parts of the game that have been completed now, to help speed the release date up. We are all hopeful for a release at launch,  but the reality is that may not happen. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get pushed so far back into 2017 that it will be the perfect gift for the holiday season. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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