Breath of the Wild Contains a “Pro Mode” That Removes Most of the HUD

Color me surprised. Nintendo has included a “pro mode” in Breath of the Wild that removes several elements of the HUD, including the minimap, D-Pad, and the sound gauge. What you’re left with is pictured below. You simply have your hearts displayed and than your stamina meter when used. Everything else is gone, leaving an extremely minimalist HUD design that will please many.

Not only is this the best way to grab clean screenshots, it also is a great way to immerse yourself in the game. Personally I will probably start with the HUD on until I get a full grasp of the controls and where everything is located. Once I have that locked down, I may try to progress without the HUD elements, which adds an additional challenge (remembering where everything is, no visible way to gauge how loud I am), but lets me enjoy the world in full.

We discovered thanks to some footage from YouTuber Gehab, who so far is the only person we’re aware of that nabbed some footage of this mode in action. Nintendo was apparently on lock down with it. You can check that footage below around the 3 minute mark: