Breath of the Wild amiibo Unlock Rare Items

We’ve been wondering for some time now what if any functionality the various Breath of the Wild amiibo have. We now have confirmation that they unlock some rare items. These items include a sword, bow, and saddle. We aren’t 100% sure what other items are included or what if any other functionality exists, though these above items seem to come from Rider Link and Archer Link respectively. We even have nifty visual evidence:

We also can discover what some of the other amiibo do thanks to a video by GameXplain. I warn the images are a bit blurry because these were, for the most part, a fast shots that were probably not supposed to happen yet, but here are what we learned about the Guardian and Zelda amiibo:

This image seems to depict a shield of some kind, though we obviously can’t be 100% certain. The following one, however, is a bit clearer:

This one seems to unlock some sort of canon like weapon (for a vehicle, perhaps?) and some sort of crafting item. These above shots come from GameXplains’ “unboxing” of the boxes. Embargo won’t let them literally open this stuff up on camera yet. You can watch that below: