Breath of the Wild 2 Story Details Fully Deciphered!? Praise Hylia!

Investigative work like deciphering a made up language that changes over thousands of years in a small snippet of a video game reveal trailer is pretty exhausting. But when it comes to Breath of the Wild 2, literally nothing is ever too much.

Thanks in large part to YouTuber BearMonster Games, we now have a much grander translation of the “Seal Ganon” text inside of the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.

This part roughly translates to “Forgive us”. That’s not all though, we also have this:

This means “God”. Combine all of this with what we discovered last time…

Yeah… things get interesting. So the full line of text now reads: Forgive us God, Seal Ganon.

Talk about something dark going on. All of this is obviously a very rough translation based on a made up language that has proven to have changed and morphed over time that often reference Japanese, English, Indonesian, French… and many other real world languages and references. As such it makes it very hard to figure out exact wordings like this, but we’re fairly confident in this one. Our full break down, including some text we aren’t sure about, is here:

Source: BeardMonster Games