Breath of the Wild 2 Is the Result of Too Many DLC Ideas

In an interview with Kotaku, we discovered why exactly Breath of the Wild 2 is happening. Jason Schreier got a chance to sit down with Eiji Aonuma and here is how the exchange went:

Schreier: What made you and the team decide to make a sequel to Breath of the Wild as opposed to a new Zelda game?

Aonuma: When we released the DLC for Breath of the Wild, we realized that this is a great way to add more elements to the same world. But when it comes down to technical things, DLC is pretty much data—you’re adding data to a preexisting title. And so when we wanted to add bigger changes, DLC is not enough, and that’s why we thought maybe a sequel would be a good fit.

Schreier: Was this sequel originally planned as DLC?

Aonuma: Initially we were thinking of just DLC ideas, but then we had a lot of ideas and we said, “This is too many ideas, let’s just make one new game and start from scratch.”

Personally, I don’t find this all too surprising. When it comes to a game like the original, ideas for more content are sure to be pretty close to never ending. I am glad they simply cut it off at the original DLC plans and said let’s just start over and throw this all into a new experience. Here’s hoping it can live up to the greatness it now follows.

Source: Kotaku