Breath of the NES Fan Project Hit by Nintendo’s Attorneys

Like seemingly 99% of all fan made projects based on Nintendo IP when it comes to crafting a playable video game, Nintendo’s attorneys have thrown out a take-down notice to the creator of Breath of the NES, a fan project aimed at recreating Breath of the Wild in 2D classic style, just like the development team for the actual game did during development. The developer of the project naturally knew that this take-down notice was probably going to happen and have prepared to continue the project while avoiding future threats. Here is the actual take-down notice:

As stated, the developer was fully prepared for this to happen and they will continue the project using complete original assets moving forward. We’ll keep you updated as things develop for whatever the new title is and and see how it compares to the original idea. It sucks Nintendo doesn’t allow such projects to exist, but they have been pretty consistent with this type of work, especially if it presents a true playable game experience (aka, not just a visual recreation of the world, like most Unreal Engine 4 projects).

Source: Twitter

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Greenbeans

    Gotta love Nintendo’s infinite respect and appreciation for their fanbase.

    Sega does what Nintendont.

    • John

      And look how much they’ve benefited from it!!! Lmmfao!!!

      • Greenbeans

        They’re only making about 400 million more in profits than Nintendo!!! Lmmfao!!!

        • John Hall

          Sega making more money than Nintendo??? Wow bro have you taken your meds today???

          • Greenbeans

            Sega made about 1.4 billion in profits last reporting period, which constituted nine months of 2016.

            Meanwhile Nintendo made 920 million in profits for the full year of 2016.

            Wow bro could you tone down the compulsive need for three punctuation characters at the end of every sentence???

    • AdvancePlays

      Difference there being the fans are the ones that actually know how to make games in SEGA’s case.

  • Kevin

    The problem is people gave the creator of this Money that is a big problem if you are using copyrighted characters.

  • Alex Ayling

    Call it Smellda and release it on the android stores for free and Nintendo won’t give a crap

  • XNinja169

    Aren’t mods supposed to be legal as long as they are for non profit? Why would Nintendo go to wars over such things?