Beyond Good & Evil 2 Announced, Still Rumored as Coming to Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft concluded their E3 2017 press conference by revealing Beyond Good & Evil 2. It’s a cinematic trailer and the game itself is probably still a year or two away from actually releasing. Still, it’s a beloved franchise which hasn’t been seen in game form for nearly 15 years. The creator of the game actually cried on stage and wanted to personally thank Ubisoft’s CEO for funding the project (something a Vinvendi owned Ubisoft, if it ever happens, would have never done). It’s one of those rare moments at E3 where you realize how personal game making can really be.

The above trailer is simply amazing. The game is setup as a prequel to the original. Now, no platforms were officially announced for the game, but back in October we reported on a rumor the game would be Nintendo Switch (then called NX) exclusive, and the fact it would be unveiled with a CGI trailer (fast forward to today, and that’s exactly what happened).

Laura Kate Dale is now saying that the game will be Switch exclusive for one year, according to her same source that nailed everything about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Honestly, we have no idea if it holds any water, but until the game gets platforms announced for it, we’ll at least hold out hope it’s coming to Switch.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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