Beware the Nintendo Switch Beta Scam That is Presently Making Rounds


Internet users beware, there is currently a very popular Nintendo Switch beta scam making rounds on the internet that could easily fool you given how well crafted it is. Above you see an image of one of two sites being used in this scam. If you are seeing lines to either or, it is best to avoid it altogether. If you do sign up, you will get an email that looks something like this:

Congratulation! You are eligible to join the Nintendo Switch™ Beta Program! You are chosen, which means you can get into the Nintendo Switch Beta!

You will receive the Nintendo Switch Beta Hardware which includes 1 System, 1 Docking Station, 2 Switch Controller (Left and Right) HDMI cable, 1 power adaptor, as well as instruction booklet.

Below, you will find a code to redeem. Please note: This code is specifically for your account, so do not share this with anyone.”

There are many red flags in this email, most importantly of those is the consistently bad grammar usage (seriously, it makes me look good and I am far removed from being a fantastic grammar user). The code it gives you looks legit as it is a 16 digit code, however Nintendo uses alphanumeric coding and the code given is just numbers. It then links to you another site to put the code in, but we are guessing that’s a pretty bad idea and this is as far as I was willing to test things out.

If that’s not enough to convince you, the domains are registered to Fernando Sanchez, rather than Nintendo. This same person is also attached to 267 other domains, for whatever that is worth. Keep in mind that Nintendo has never publicly announced a beta and running a beta like this is completely unprecedented for them. Their official sites are The official Nintendo domains are,, and Thus, the actual domain names themselves do not fall in line with Nintendo’s way of doing things.

We just wanted to draw attention to this, as we too have seen these sites flying around on twitter and facebook now, with folks happily assuming they are being sent a beta unit. It’s not true, and who knows if you’re just being trolled or if you just willingly (unbeknownst to you) installed key loggers, malware, or viruses on your computer.

Source: Wired

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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