Batman: The Enemy Within Has Released on Switch Despite Controversy

Telltale Games announced they were closing their doors. They pulled the final season of The Walking Dead off of the eShop. They fired everyone but 25 employees. They treated their employees, reportedly, really bad and offered no severance. They are, apparently, bankrupt. They also, somehow, had random partners reach out of nowhere to maybe save the last two chapters of The Walking Dead‘s final season, despite firing all the staff that made the game special.

By all accounts, anything involving a once promising and growing studio is murky at best, downright horrifying at worse. Yet despite all of this, Batman: The Enemy Within, which was scheduled to release today – has. The game itself is a quality game, no doubt, and I am glad to have it. But those that built it cannot see the fruits of the Switch version and more than that, we can’t even be sure how long the game will stay up with the state of Telltale Games ever in the balance.

As such, if you really want this game on Switch, I suggest you grab it as soon as you can before it’s too late. Because when it comes to Telltale Games, only one thing is certain at this point: Uncertainty. Here’s more on the fate of Telltale Games: