Bandai Namco is Announcing a New Fighter for Pokken Tournament on December 1st



Bandai Namco confirmed today that they will be announcing yet another new fighter to join the arcade version of Pokken Tournament on December 1st. Having released Darkrai over the summer, Scizor in October, and the surprise addition of Croagunk as well, the only character left from the alleged files found in the Wii U patch is Empoleon. With December 1st also being the day of the game awards, can we expect an announcement there, or will it just be a coincidence? With any luck, we will start to see these characters show up on the Wii U version as well, since thus far all additions have been made only to the arcade version.

Will Empoleon be this new fighter, or someone like Croagunk completely out of left field? Do you have any hopes or ideas for characters you’d like to see playable? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Official Website