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First Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission Fails Tremendously

Nintendo launched the first of their new global features for Pokemon Sun and Moon only a couple weeks after the game’s release, with the first goal being to catch 100 million pokemon by December 12th. Sounds like a tough goal right? But if you look at how well Sun and Moon have been doing over the past several weeks in terms of sales, this could’ve been achieved reasonably. Unfortunately though, it failed at a measly 16.4 million yesterday. Ouch, I imagine these were not the results Nintendo had in mind for their first attempt at a global mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Nintendo has set up a rather arduous process for signing up for these global events, no doubt deterring gamers who don’t want to jump through hoops for festival coins...

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Reggie Fils-Aime to Appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


My body is ready! Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime is set to appear on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, December 7th at 11:35pm/10:35pm Central. Reggie appeared on Late Night several times while Fallon hosted, as well as the Tonight Show earlier this year.

Nintendo has remained silent on what he will be bringing to the show but we can rule out the Switch, while we wait for January 12th for the official announcement. Maybe he will talk more about Breath of the Wild after that pair of stunning trailers revealed at the Game Awards? Or, perhaps he’s simply there to hype up Super Mario Run, which will be debuting on the app store on December 15th. Find out on Wednesday!

Source: Interbridge

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Bandai Namco is Announcing a New Fighter for Pokken Tournament on December 1st


Bandai Namco confirmed today that they will be announcing yet another new fighter to join the arcade version of Pokken Tournament on December 1st. Having released Darkrai over the summer, Scizor in October, and the surprise addition of Croagunk as well, the only character left from the alleged files found in the Wii U patch is Empoleon. With December 1st also being the day of the game awards, can we expect an announcement there, or will it just be a coincidence? With any luck, we will start to see these characters show up on the Wii U version as well, since thus far all additions have been made only to the arcade version.

Will Empoleon be this new fighter, or someone like Croagunk completely out of left field? Do you have any hopes or ideas for characters you’d like to see playable? So...

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Take Two States “Nintendo are Making Great Effort to Support Third Party Developers” on Switch


At today’s Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Technology Conference, Karl Slatoff, the president of Take Two, talked briefly about a number of topics. Among those discussed, he mentioned briefly the upcoming Nintendo Switch, saying the following:

“The folks at Nintendo are making a great effort to support third-party developers, we’re very optimistic on the Switch though we are not announcing anything specific today.”

Nintendo has not been the best with third party developers in recent history, so it’s great to see them taking some initiative and making an honest effort to be more collaborative. As an example of their will to collaborate, Take Two also participated in the Switch’s announcement video...

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Sell 1.9 Million Units in Japan During First 3 Days


Surprising absolutely no one, Pokemon Sun and Moon are off to exceptional starts already. In their first 3 days of release, over 1.9 million physical copies have already been sold in Japan according to Famitsu. When X and Y launched back in October of 2013, they sold just under 2.1 million copies, edging out Sun & Moon but for a game series to have such minimal drop-off between titles, right at release no less, is pretty incredible.

Sun and Moon also now stand as having the second best release for a 3DS game in Japan, which is huge since the last Pokemon games released for 3DS were actually the Hoenn remakes and we’ve taken an upswing since then...

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Nintendo Gets Nominated in 6 Categories at The Game Awards 2016


Well it’s that time of year again, as the 3rd annual Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley is rapidly approaching. While this hasn’t been Nintendo’s most successful year in recent memory, they are still absolutely dominating the handheld/mobile category with exclusive titles in Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon GO, and Fire Emblem Fates, all excellent games each deserving of the win.

Pokemon GO also has a nomination for best family game, with Fire Emblem Fates also picking up another nomination for best strategy game. Worth noting, Xenoblade Chronicles X is nominated for best RPG while Pokken Tournament is nominated for best fighting game. To top it all off, surprising absolutely no one, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nominated for most anticipated game.

Personally, I think N...

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