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Level-5 is Figuring Out How to Bring the Layton Series to the Switch

Level-5, in an interview with Eurogamer voiced some of their struggles with upcoming projects. The developer company is currently looking into the possibility of bringing their famous Layton series onto the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest problems that the developers are facing is how one would play the game while the Switch is docked.

“I played Zelda. I love the Switch. I think it’s amazing hardware. The problem is, the Layton series does a lot with the touchscreen and pointing. So, the problem with the Switch is, if you play on handheld you can do it, but if you put it on the dock… we’re trying to figure out how that would play into it.” – Akihiro Hino

While this issue would cause quite a setback to the next entry into the Layton series, it is possible that Level-5 will figure...

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Nintendo Treehouse Shows off Ever Oasis, New Trailer

Ever Oasis is an Action Adventure RPG that’s in development by Grezzo for the 3DS. Characters can be female as well as male, and players can change their character’s clothes without worrying about their character’s stats changing. Weapons will effect characters’ stats, however. Characters are made up of four clans, which are Sirca, Seedling, Lagora, and Newts. Players can grow their oasis by having their Seedlings open up shops, which Newts, who tend to be rich, can buy wares from the Seedling’s Bloombooth.

Anything in Ever Oasis can level up. A player’s oasis, characters, and Bloombooths are all uprgradable. Players can also send out expedition teams for spoils or items. Sending out expedition teams will not impede a player’s adventure...

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Check Out These New Single Player Details for Splatoon 2

The game developers of Splatoon have come onto the Treehouse Livestream to show off some of what’s different with Splatoon 2. A lot of the game mechanics have remained the same, but new elements have been incorporated to better the player experience.

Single player mode, known as Hero Mode, is  still about taking out stages, but single player mode is a good mode for learning the basics of Splatoon 2. Hero Mode allows the player to learn all about how weapons work, while their Inkling faces off against the Octarians. Splatoon 2 includes various weapons with new weapons and techniques, and players can use the environment around them, like hiding behind walls to avoid taking damage...

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Nintendo Says My Nintendo Could Get Physical Rewards, Details Complications Towards That Goal

My Nintendo is a rewards system offered through Nintendo that often receives a lot of criticism for not having decent rewards for its members. In an interview with IGN, the president of Nintendo of America said that Nintendo is thinking of offering physical rewards for My Nintendo members. However, with any advancement comes challenge, so Nintendo is currently trying to figure out how to make such a rewards system benefit My Nintendo members across the globe.

“From the Nintendo of America standpoint, we have it as a priority to make My Nintendo much more meaningful moving forward…[Physical rewards] could [come to My Nintendo]…The challenge I would just share is, unlike Japan, which is a very concentrated market, I’ve got to create solutions that are going to work for Canada, that are goin...

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Nintendo of America Addresses the Possibility of a Virtual Console on the Switch

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently did an interview with IGN where he addressed some of the challenges concerning bringing the Virtual Console to the Nintendo Switch. He first acknowledged that Nintendo is listening to its consumers when it comes to their desire for a Switch Virtual Console.

“We know that our fans, our players, want access to all of our digital content, we know that.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

Mr. Fils-Aime then addressed some of the issues the company has faced with bringing a Switch Virtual Console into reality.

“What we’re working through is, ‘okay, what’s going to be the best way to make that happen, to make that available’…Certainly, we recognize there’s an appetite for all of our great legacy content.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

It seems as though Nintendo i...

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IGN Shows Off Metroid: Samus Returns With Direct Feed Gameplay

Metroid fans were in for a surprise when two new Metroid entries were announced during E3. IGN managed to see some of the upcoming 2D entry Metroid: Samus Returns being played on a 3DS.

Some of the gameplay revealed some of Samus’s abilities that can be found throughout Planet SR388, such as the classic Morph Ball and Charge Beam. The gameplay footage also displayed a bit of what role the Metroid plays in the game’s story as well. Other than secrets and possible story elements, some of the features of the game seem fitting for a Metroid title. Because of the 3DS’s dual screens, the map is positioned on the bottom screen, giving the player the entire top screen for exploring the overworld. Another new feature for the series is the ability to place markers on the map.

From what was see...

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Miyamoto Updates Pikmin 4’s Status as “Still Progressing”

Many people have been clamoring for a sequel to Pikmin 3. Since Nintendo’s time with livestreams and tons of upcoming game information at E3, Pikmin 4 has not made an appearance.

Pikmin developer Shigeru Miyamoto has a reason as to why this is:

“I’ve been told not to share anything about this from PR…but I can tell you it is progressing.” – Shigeru Miyamoto 

Even though this is not the news Pikmin fans were hoping for during E3 2017, it sounds like the long awaited sequel to this series is at least in the initial stages of development.

Source: Eurogamer

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Check Out This Gameplay Footage of Sonic Forces

Kotaku recently got to show off some gameplay footage of Sonic Forces, an upcoming Sonic game that appears to go back to the roots of the series. The gameplay shown goes through a few different stages and displays just how faceted Sonic Forces is.

The stages shown are the Modern Sonic stage, the Classic Sonic Stage, and the Avatar Stage. The Modern Sonic stage is laid out like a modern day Sonic game would be. The Classic Sonic stage takes on the feel of the original Sonic the Hedgehog title. Finally, the Avatar Stage seems to allow the player to create their own Sonic character and complete stages using that character.

Sonic Forces seems like an entry that fans of the series can anticipate bringing back some of Sonic’s former glory.


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Microsoft Wants to Bring Minecraft Achievements to the Switch

Since Minecraft came to the Switch, Nintendo and Microsoft have started a relationship with each other. Some wonder what this relationship will bring for the two companies. Part of this relationship seems to include the possibility of achievements coming to Minecraft for the Switch.

“I don’t know yet. I’m guessing no. And this is a collaborative relationship between Nintendo and I; they don’t have Achievements on their platform. If they want us to, I would love to be able to do it… The relationship with Nintendo is incredibly strong. We obviously did the Mario mash-up pack into Minecraft; that doesn’t happen that often.” – Phil Spencer

It is interesting to see Microsoft speak so highly of Nintendo and the relationship that they share...

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Here Are More Facts For Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid is a long-spanning, beloved Nintendo series that has been awaiting a new release into its series. The Metroid fanbase finally received word of a remake of Metroid II being made for the 3DS. Metroid: Samus Returns was mentioned yesterday during E3’s Nintendo Spotlight, and we finally have a breakdown of what features are in the game:

  • Releases Sept. 15, 2017
  • Suggested retail $39.99 USD
  • Remade 3D graphics while retaining side-scrolling aspects
  • New abilities such as Aeoin and a 360 degree Free Aiming Mode
  • Secrets that may reveal Planet SR388’s past
  • Two new amiibo–Samus Aran and Metroid–to be released as a set along with Samus Returns Zero Suit Samus and Samus from the Smash series of amiibo are compatible with Samus Returns.
  • Special Edition release with a CD and a reversibl...
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