Are you a huge fan of old arcade style basketball games like NBA Jam? Combining a bit of the old Jam & Street flow into a single game, NBA Playgrounds is releasing next month on every platform under the sun, including the Nintendo Switch. As an officially licensed product, it includes both current and former NBA players and every single NBA team is represented. The game will cost $20 on the eShop and is developed by┬áSaber Interactive. Their CEO has gone on to say that the game is approachable, but provides a lot of depth for “hardcore pros who have mastered their game”.

This sounds like a game right up my alley. While I love sports simulation games like Madden and NBA 2k, it was always a blast as a kid to fire up some arcade action in games like NFL Blitz and NBA Jam. Consider this a day one purchase for this guy. We have some fresh screenshots for you in the gallery below.

Source: Nintendo Everything