Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Arrives on Mobile Devices in November 2017

Animal Crossing‘s mobile debut now has a name: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Arriving November 2017 on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, this scaled-down version of the beloved franchise contains core staples of the series’ previous entries. The villager is tasked with customizing a camp, in a world which looks graphically identical to the 3DS’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Furniture for the villager’s camp is able to be crafted using materials gathered around a few different areas available to the player. A camper is used for travel, and can be decorated inside and out. Old faces from New Leaf show up, including Cyrus, who will creates furniture. Tom Nook, Isabelle, the Able Sisters, and other friendly characters are back to welcome you to the simple life in a mobile format.

In addition to the franchise’s currency of Bells, Leaf Tickets can be bought using real money (microtransactions) or through in-game play. There is a marketplace for buying/selling, and time passes much like it does in real life. This has been a staple of Animal Crossing since the beginning; it’s nice to see the tradition carried on via smart devices.

Multiplayer is also incorporated. Players can friend others via a player ID to visit their camps, as well as undergo trading materials back and forth. Character customization is also a feature, as the villager’s skin tone, hair, and other assets can be changed. Check out the 13 minute presentation below to get a spectacular look at Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You’ll need to skip ahead to the 29:40 mark.