An Officially Licensed VR Version of Mario Kart Exists in Japan

VR is one of the hottest aspects currently hitting the video game market and Mario is no exception. Mario Kart Arcade GP VR merges VR with the Mario Kart series that you have grown to love. In this game you sit down in a chair and use a steering wheel to control your cart. You also have a motion controller attached to your arm which you use to throw items at the other players. Who hasn’t had the desire to throw a red shell at someone in real life,  well this isn’t real life but this is the closest opportunity you’ll get to do so.

This game is  sadly, only available in the VR Zone in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are many other games available to play such as: Dragon Ball VR: Master the Kamehameha, Gundam VR: Daiba AssaultEvangelion VR: The Throne of Souls, and various other games. So if you’re ever in Japan and want to emerge yourselves in the VR world in an arcade, hit up VR Zone in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

As a side note, this could give us at least of taste of some of the concepts going into the Mario Kart ride at Universal Studios, which is rumored to combine Karting and VR in some way.

Source: VR Zone